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Unveiling the Story of The City of Domes

The most remarkable parts of the architectural masterpieces constructed in different styles and beauty over the centuries are the domes, which are prominently displayed in magnificent structures in Istanbul. The most exceptional, largest, and most beautiful domes can be found in Istanbul, which is an integral part of the city's identity. The domes in Hagia Sofia, which is an inseparable part of Istanbul, and Galata Tower, where Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi spread his wings of hope, are among the most exquisite examples. The Rumi motifs, a traditional Turkish motif also used in the design of the fountain pen, adorn the dome sections of many architectural structures from the Ottoman era. With this fountain pen, we wanted to combine Istanbul's unique domes and embellishments to offer you a piece that captures its essence.

Masterful Craftsmanship

We adorned the pen's Silver barrel with 24K Gold plating, Diamonds, and Green Garnet.

We meticulously designed it with intricate mosaic details, incorporating Rumi motifs to enhance its elegance.

Product Code: P107

Our products feature a wide range of precious stones, each meticulously set by hand according to their size. This intricate process requires years of expertise and craftsmanship.

Engraving craftsmanship:

Pen craftsmanship is a long-standing, enduring, and rare cultural craft that requires skill. It is made by intricately working on precious metals with different-sized pen tips.

Gold Plating:

It is the process of applying a 20-micron thick layer of pure gold to specific parts of our pens. Apart from adding visual emphasis to the pen, it also adds value.