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Unveiling the story of Turtle

The Grand Bazaar, which holds historical and cultural significance, is known as the world's oldest shopping center and serves as an educational cycle for nurturing future artisans. Combining tradition and modernity, the bazaar is a hub where masters and apprentices work diligently, and it held a crucial position in the economy during the Ottoman era. Taking inspiration from the valuable craftsmanship technique of turtle inlay used in the exquisite jewelry created by skilled and meticulous artisans within the Grand Bazaar, it guided the design process. The inlay technique used in the design reflects the accumulated knowledge specific to the bazaar that has been passed down through generations. The placement of diamonds within segmented areas represents the complex and fragmented structure that has evolved over time, mirroring the ancient streets, caravanserai, and covered Turkish bazaar.

Carefully prepared for you

We meticulously adorned the Silver barrel of the pen with 24K Gold plating and Diamonds.

Each detail was meticulously crafted, showcasing a special Diamond setting, along with intricately carved silver accent designs.

Product Code: P297
Gold Plating

It is the process of applying a 20-micron thick layer of pure gold to specific parts of our pens. Apart from adding visual emphasis to the pen, it also adds value.


Our products feature a wide range of precious stones, each meticulously set by hand according to their size. This intricate process requires years of expertise and craftsmanship.