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The eagle symbol, which has been present in cultures for centuries, is
one of the oldest iconographic elements. While it has been embraced by
societies since ancient times, it also holds a strong presence in Turkish
culture. It represents dominion, power, freedom, and wisdom. The
symbol has found its place in many areas of Anatolia, and its most
common usage is in the form of a double-headed eagle, symbolizing its
With its broad wings and majestic stance, the eagle, dominating the pen,
is depicted in a powerful manner, conveying the feeling of standing
together in battle against the wind at the summit

Masterful Craftsmanship

We adorned the pen's Silver barrel with 24K Gold plating, Diamonds, and
Lapis. Every detail was meticulously crafted, featuring meticulously
carved silver accents and meticulously handcrafted mosaic designs.

Product Code: P384
Engraving craftsmanship:

Pen craftsmanship is a long-standing, enduring, and rare cultural craft that requires skill. It is made by intricately working on precious metals with different-sized pen tips.


Our products feature a wide range of precious stones, each meticulously set by hand according to their size. This intricate process requires years of expertise and craftsmanship.