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Istanbul, situated on seven hills, has a glorious history as a host to numerous civilizations and cultures. This city, encompassing remarkable historical treasures within its borders, continues to captivate people for centuries with its enchanting turquoise color where the sky meets the sea and its other beauties.

The most remarkable parts of the architectural masterpieces constructed in different styles and beauty over the centuries are the domes, which are prominently displayed in magnificent structures in Istanbul. The most exceptional, largest, and most beautiful domes can be found in Istanbul, which is an integral part of the city’s identity.

The love story between Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower adds a special enchantment to Istanbul. According to a legendary tale passed down through generations, this love begins with Galata Tower, standing tall with a commanding view of Istanbul, gazing sharply at Maiden’s Tower, standing alone with grace in the middle of the Bosporus.