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Unveiling the Story of In Pursuit of Justice

Themis and the Death of Socrates
This fountain pen features a message that combines Themis and "The Death of Socrates" painting. Themis, symbolizing justice, is depicted as an elevated figure, while the painting represents a scene that portrays the conflict between justice and injustice

This union reflects the universal value of justice and explores the nature of justice, which is a philosophical subject of debate. The unjust execution of Socrates, highlighting the need to question justice, is juxtaposed with the presence of Themis, symbolizing the ultimate pursuit of justice.

This fountain pen offers a profound contemplative experience, merging the powerful themes of justice and philosophy. The symbolic presence of Themis references the ideal of justice and Socrates' philosophical ideas about justice. The combination of a pen signifies the interconnection of art and the concepts of justice and philosophy.

Masterful Craftsmanship

We adorned the pen's Silver barrel with 24K Gold plating and Diamonds.

We meticulously designed it with mosaic details and handcrafted miniatures, adding elegance to this unique piece.

Product Code: P402
Miniature Art:

It is the art of miniature painting, where the artist meticulously depicts detailed images on a very small scale. This art form reminiscent of ancient times gives character to the pens

Engraving craftsmanship:

Pen craftsmanship is a long-standing, enduring, and rare cultural craft that requires skill. It is made by intricately working on precious metals with different-sized pen tips.